UPR selected 7 on-brand influencers to attend WECANDANCE and experience it to the fullest. They spread a personal promo code to increase sales, building up to the festival weekend. They created user generated content at the scene to be shared with their 392K followers and reshared by Zalando. UPR also booked a facebook live take-over host to increase engagement and following. More exposure was garanteed by online media deals, give-aways and buy-in styled photoshoots.


We selected 5 on-brand influencers to host creative instore workshops; each with a large general following - all together 368K! - and focus on the 12-18Y target group. Specific content was created - both images and video - and produced by UPR to promote the campaign instore, online and to be shared by the influencers.



Digital PR & Marketing
Digital audit
Traffic generation
Analysed seedings
Strategic online & Social Media Management
Digital content creation
Blogger relations
Ranking & statistics


Contact person:
Laurence Teixeira

Godefriduskaai 20b
2000 Antwerp

Phone: +32 3 230 30 92
E-mail: Laurence@upr.be