A redirection of consumer choices gives farmers and the food chain more breathing space

Fairtrade and value-driven consumption is booming. More than 10% more products carrying the Fairtrade label were sold. This good news has been overshadowed by the deep malaise in which all links of the food chain find themselves today. An audit of the food chain by Fairtrade Belgium and Vredeseilanden shows that all parties keep one another hostage in a deadly price spiral, while passing the buck from one to the other. In response both organizations are now launching a 10-step action plan to break this vicious cycle of price squeezes. 



Beer reputation the best in Belgium according to study AB InBev

Belgium is the beer country par excellence. Belgians are very proud of their beer. The reputation of beer in our country is significantly better than in other leading beer-producing countries such as the UK, the USA and Brazil.



UPR Corporate Communications is the UPR division for full-service corporate public relations and stakeholder relations. Our specialist area is corporate communications for B2B and B2C clients in the Benelux region. UPR Corporate Communications transforms your business and marketing objectives into clear and compelling messages to media and stakeholders. Our goal is simple: to bring your brand to the attention of your target groups, credibly and effectively. Using a combination of effective strategic concepts and socially relevant content, and working via carefully selected media channels, we create innovative communication packages that enhance name recognition, product familiarity and reputation for our clients’ brands.

Our teams – corporate communications, creative, media buying, digital and events – work together to provide a full range of services for our clients. Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach you will receive communication consultancy that really matters.

Mission and vision

As a new breed of corporate communication consultants, we seek to deliver success for our clients through the power of inspirational communication. We specialize in using innovative communication to drive your business growth. 

We unlock the communication potential in your organization and translate it tonews worthy stories that are relevant to your audiences, differentiate you from your competitors and build reputation, trust, benchmarks, thought leadership and references.

To make our efforts effective we embed our communication proposals in your overall company, marketing and sales objectives to touch the bottom-line of your business. Therefore we immerse ourselves in the core values of your brand and company culture to work out strategic content based communication programs with clear and feasible goals and deliverables.

This means out-of-the-box creative thinking that results in strategic and identity driven communication. Today we are more than ever focused on strategic, content driven communication.


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