EFFIE Awards 2013

UPR Corporate managed to achieve the New Effie Awards management objective to start ‘effective’ press relations. A pro-active and professional PR approach resulted in a large online and offline press coverage in national newspapers, magazines, television and trade press.

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Veritas to celebrate its 120th anniversary with all stakeholders and to strengthen the brand experience on a corporate level

Leading accessories and ‘mercerie’ retailer Veritas wanted to target their core audience to participate at their 120th anniversary and to increase the brand experience through the retail network and a brand new digital platform. UPR targeted mass media with the unique ‘story’ of Veritas using the anniversary, company results and market strategy as leverage to pitch the PR story that was all about the USP’s of Veritas.


Corporate communication

We help you to create and enhance your reputation, brand awareness and positioning via a range of communication channels, from traditional media to online presence. We put your company and issues in the public eye, instigating and supporting conversation, word-of-mouth communication and buzz among your stakeholders.

Mission and vision

As a new breed of corporate communication consultants, we seek to deliver success for our clients through the power of inspirational communication. We specialize in using innovative communication to drive your business growth. 

We unlock the communication potential in your organization and translate it tonews worthy stories that are relevant to your audiences, differentiate you from your competitors and build reputation, trust, benchmarks, thought leadership and references.

To make our efforts effective we embed our communication proposals in your overall company, marketing and sales objectives to touch the bottom-line of your business. Therefore we immerse ourselves in the core values of your brand and company culture to work out strategic content based communication programs with clear and feasible goals and deliverables.

This means out-of-the-box creative thinking that results in strategic and identity driven communication. Today we are more than ever focused on strategic, content driven communication.


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