Step into the Ayurveda room; where one learns more about the Ayurvedic lifestyle and doshafits by expert Marleen. Move over to the Anahata room; where one discovers the new FW17 Soulwear collection and puts it to the test during a relaxing yoga session with Evy Gruyaert. Namasté.



At our seasonal #UPRBeautyDay, we presented upcoming novelties to press, bloggers and influencers. Expert demonstrations, healthy soul food by Pieter-Jan Lint, fruity drinks and generous goodie bags turned this day into an indulging happening. Thank you - and your smily faces - for being there. 



UPR is a leading, full-service public relations and communications agency. Providing experience and know-how to established global brands, as well as the next generation of talent within the fashion, lifestyle, consumer and corporate industries. 

Working pro-actively in the changing media landscape, always pushing forward to be relevant, efficient, and innovative we establish top of mind awareness for all of our clients.

To achieve cost efficiencies and a broader impact, UPR focuses on integrated campaigns and activities for all UPR divisions.

UPR is made up of passionate and intelligent people that have the know-how to build a strong brand vision, and deliver on strategy.

We value genuine and true partnerships resulting in long-term client relationships and have been delivering consistent results, successful campaigns and happy clients since 2001.

Today UPR has offices in Antwerp, Brussels and Amsterdam.