Peter Pilotto

To gain fashion credibility and target new, younger customers, We were responsible for building a collaboration with Peter Pilotto. To launch the limited edition collection designed by the Belgian/British fashion brand we developed the advertising and PR campaign.

This campaign energized Kipling by getting enormous press clippings and strong retail exposure. 

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Video Big YOU III

THE BIG YOU is an event targeted specifically to the Belgian Blogosphere where UPR brands have the chance ànd the challenge to introduce, educate, inform and elaborate on their brand and their season focus points through intricate workshops & presentations. 



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Working pro-actively in the changing media landscape, always pushing forward to be relevant, efficient, and innovative we establish top of mind awareness for all of our clients.

To achieve cost efficiencies and a broader impact, UPR focuses on integrated campaigns and activities for all UPR divisions.

UPR is made up of passionate and intelligent people that have the know-how to build a strong brand vision, and deliver on strategy.

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